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Pita Chips Cutter
Pita Chips Cutter - Product
Pita Chips Cutter - Product

SALTEK’s Pita Chips Cutter is company’s latest innovation in the bakery world.

  • Specially designed and built to cut Pita bread into smaller chips chunks.
  • Its modern and ergonomic design along with its efficient performance, are pita chips cutter’s           distinguishing characteristics.
  • Luxury finishing fully manufactured in stainless steel.
  • The pita chips cutter can process pita bread from a minimum of  2000 loaves/hour up to 5400        loaves/hour.
  • The machine can handle Pita from 3.9’’ up to 11.8’’
  • Chunked pita chips‘ width: 1.18’’ up to 3.14’’
  • The machine is available in 2 models of belt width 15.74’’ and 39.37’’
  • Electric operated with 2 variable speed motors.
  • Dimensions of the machine ( belt’s width 15.74’’ ) : 75.19”(L) x 27.16” (W) x 42.91” (H)